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      Harness selection (Yuantai industry experience reveals)

      source:YUAN TAI ELECTRICAL CO .,LTDrelease time:2018.10.17 17:17:55 attention:1,475

      Today, I will reveal to you an old engineer's method of how to choose the right electronic harness.

      With so many thick and thin wires, do you know how the wire type is expressed? If you are purchasing, you should know.

      The model unit of the wire is AWG. The AWG is the first letter of the American Wire Gauge (the American wire gauge). You can often see these letters on the plastic skin of the wire.

      10AWG 600V 105°C, indicating that the harness has a maximum load voltage of 600V, the maximum temperature is 105 degrees Celsius, and 10AWG means that the diameter of the harness is 2.59mm.

      The AWG is preceded by a number that represents the thickness of the line. However, we can't calculate the diameter from the number in front of the AWG, but by looking up the table.

      With this table, we can find out the diameter of the corresponding line. As can be seen from the above table, the larger the number, the thinner the line.

      In fact, we first determine which line to use and how to use the appropriate AWG. For example, suppose we want to drive a motor, the maximum current of the motor is 3A. In order to ensure that the wire is not blown during use, we need to use the wire that can pass 6A normally, then by looking up the table, we can get it and use it. The 15AWG line is fine. Of course, you can also use the 0~14AWG line. However, considering the cost (the wire is calculated according to the price of the meter, the thicker the line is, the more expensive it is), we generally choose the 15AWG line.

      About the story of the American wire gauge AWG

      The American wire gauge was released in 1857. In the past, due to the rapid development of the industry in the United States, there was no standard for wire harnesses, which was very confusing when used. In order to unify the standard, this wire gauge was released. This wire gauge has a disk, as shown below:

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