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      Introduction of electronic components

      source:YUAN TAI ELECTRICAL CO .,LTDrelease time:2018.10.17 17:17:16 attention:1,393

      There are many types of electronic components, and new products are also emerging. Here are some of the most commonly used types of electronic components and their classification methods. Electronic components can be categorized in a number of ways, each with a different focus, as exemplified below.

      For example, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can be classified as diodes, and can be classified as display devices with digital tubes and LCDs.

      At the same time, LEDs can also be classified as optoelectronic devices with optocoupler devices. In addition, optocoupler devices can also be classified as transistors with transistors, field effect transistors, and the like. For example, the varistor can be classified as a resistance element or a protection type element.

      The classification of components can be determined according to actual needs and actual conditions. It is more realistic to consider the comprehensive factors and consider the key characteristics and applications of the components, production technology, and convenient communication.

      The following describes the classification of commonly used electronic components. PS Most of the electronic components have plug-ins and patches, which are not explained one by one.

      Resistance class: insert film (color ring) resistance, metal film resistance, metal oxide film resistance, carbon film resistance, wire winding resistance, cement resistance, aluminum shell resistance, ceramic chip resistor, thermistor, varistor and so on.

      Capacitors: aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, polyester capacitors, polypropylene film capacitors, metallized polypropylene film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, safety capacitors, anti-EMI capacitors, etc.

      Potentiometers: wirewound potentiometers, conductive plastic potentiometers, cermet potentiometers, carbon film potentiometers, trimmer potentiometers, panel potentiometers, precision potentiometers, straight slide potentiometers, etc.

      Magnetic components: wound chip inductors, laminated chip inductors, axial inductors, color code inductors, radial inductors, toroidal inductors, chip beads, plug-in beads, power frequency transformers, audio transformers, switching power transformers , pulse signal transformers, RF transformers, etc.

      Switch type: slide switch, wave switch, tact switch, micro switch, toggle switch, button switch, direct key switch, rotary switch, dial switch, membrane switch, etc.

      Relays: DC electromagnetic relays, AC electromagnetic relays, magnetic holding relays, reed relays, solid state relays, etc.

      Connector: pin header, European connector, horn connector, simple cattle connector, IDC connector, XH connector, VH linker, D-SUB connector, crystal head crystal seat, power connector, plug Hole, IC holder, RF linker, fiber optic cable connector, European terminal block, fence type terminal block, plug-in terminal block, rail type terminal block, spring type terminal block, headphone socket plug, round bare terminal, etc.

      Safety components: fuses, fuses, gas discharge tubes, etc.

      Filter components: piezoelectric ceramic filter, surface acoustic wave oscillator, quartz crystal filter.

      PCB board: paper-based PCB, glass-based PCB, synthetic fiber PCB, ceramic substrate PCB, etc.

      Motor fan: DC motor, AC motor, alternator, DC generator, AC fan, DC fan, etc.

      Electroacoustic devices: speakers, microphones, receivers, microphones, receiver assemblies, earphones, pickups, buzzers, buzzers, etc.

      Wire category: enameled wire, wire and cable, fiber optic cable, etc.

      Diodes: rectifier diodes, fast recovery diodes, ultrafast recovery diodes, Schottky diodes, switching diodes, Zener diodes, transient suppression diodes, TVS diodes, varactors, trigger diodes, LEDs, etc.

      Transistor: PNP type triode, NPN type triode. General purpose low power triode, switch triode, universal power triode, Darlington tube, low saturating triode, voltage drop triode, digital triode, band stop triode, RF triode, etc.

      Integrated Circuit IC: Analog IC {Power Management IC: Linear Regulator IC, Voltage Reference IC, Switching Regulator Controller, Operational Amplifier, Voltage Comparator.

      Digital ICs, general purpose logic ICs: buffers, drivers, flip-flops, latches, registers, gates, encoders, decoders, counters, transceivers, level shifters.

      Processor {CPU, microcontroller, DSP, FPGA, CPLD.


      Other classes: interface IC, clock IC, ADC converter, DAC to device, dedicated IC custom IC, Weibo IC, hybrid integrated circuit, etc.

      Crystal oscillator: ordinary crystal oscillator, temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, constant-temperature crystal oscillator, pressure-controlled crystal oscillator, etc.

      Display devices: digital tube, LED device, OLED display, LCD liquid crystal display, etc.

      Sensor: Hall sensor, temperature sensor, etc.

      Microwave components: isolators, splitters, couplers, 3DB bridges, combiners, attenuators, phase shifters, resonators, circulators, mixers, etc.

      Supplementary FETs, transistors, optocouplers, optical short-term, infrared emission tubes, infrared receiver tubes, thyristors, composite transistors, thyristors.

      1. Fixed resistors, potentials, and sensitive resistors can be collectively referred to as resistors.

      2. The resistor of the chip resistor is an oxide film (thick film resistor) or a metal film (thin film resistor), so it can be classified as a film resistor together with the color ring resistor.

      3. Thermistors can be classified as sensors (temperature sensors).

      4. Varistor, transient suppression diode, recoverable fuse in thermistor PTC, etc., can be classified as a protection component together with the fuse. The protection component can be further divided into a voltage protection component and a current protection component.

      5. A varistor made of ceramic material. The ceramic used in the thermistor is a semiconductor ceramic, but these components are generally not classified as semiconductor devices.

      6. Chip multilayer ceramic capacitors and plug-in ceramic capacitors can be combined into ceramic capacitors. However, since chip multilayer ceramic capacitors are much more widely used than plug-in ceramic capacitors, they can be classified separately. The ceramic capacitors are presented in a singularity.

      7. Switches, relays, connectors, electrodes, etc. can be classified as electromechanical components.

      8. Magnetic beads are a special type of inductor that can also be classified as an inductor.

      9. The electret type receiver includes a semiconductor device such as a MOS transistor, and the solid state relay includes a semiconductor device such as an optocoupler. A semiconductor device with a crystal oscillator, such as an IC or a crystal, is generally not classified in a semiconductor device when it is classified, but is classified into an electroacoustic device, a relay, and a crystal element.

      10. Some micro-motor system components can be classified into sensors.

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