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      From the incoming raw materials to the finished product, the cable must pass 28 tests.

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      Some merchants say that the resistance is the national standard line, and other aspects are not guaranteed to be tested. Such wires and cables must be carefully selected. Because the wire and cable production process, from the raw materials into the factory to the finished product out of the warehouse, it must pass 28 strict tests (14 national standards required) to ensure that each meter of cable is in line with national standards.

      The following is a 28-channel inspection process:

      Raw material approach detection
      (3 channels)
      1. Conductor resistance test

      2. Insulation into the factory for routine testing

      3. Conductor monofilament diameter measurement

      Production inspection
      (6 channels)
      4. Spark breakdown experiment

      5. Outer diameter real-time measurement

      6. Insulation thickness detection

      7. Insulation eccentricity detection

      8. Identification of scratch resistance test

      9. Marking clarity detection

      Laboratory testing
      (10 channels)
      10. Finished conductor diameter detection

      11. Conductor DC resistance detection

      12. Insulation average thickness detection

      13. Insulation thinnest point thickness measurement

      14.Insulation uniformity measurement

      15. Insulation resistance detection

      16. Insulation elongation at break detection

      17. Insulation tensile strength test

      18. Water immersion pressure test

      19. Conductor connectivity test

      Particularity test
      (3 channels)
      20. Shielding density detection

      21. Flame retardant test

      22. Fire resistance test

      Finished product inspection
      (6 channels)
      23. Disk length detection

      24. Disk appearance inspection

      25. Certification standard test

      26. Packaging standard testing

      27. Meter length detection

      28. Finished product size measurement

      When purchasing and purchasing wire and cable, be sure to check if it is a national standard line. Some unscrupulous manufacturers have reduced the cost, cut corners, and maliciously reduced the manufacturing process and testing links. Such products simply cannot meet the requirements of national standards and cannot guarantee safe use.

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