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      Company cultureqiyewh

      Corporate purposes:

      Efficiency makes the brand, and integrity creates the future.
      Integrity management, people-oriented, people-oriented, and the pursuit of excellence, this is the company's long-held business philosophy;
      To treat customers, we always adhere to the "perfect, fast, and win-win" purpose;
      Treating our peers, we always believe in the truth that "a hundred flowers are vying for beauty, a hundred schools of thought contend, and seeking development in competition";
      Treating employees, we have a harmonious party organization and trade union organization, so that everyone can feel the care of the group.

      Enterprise spirit:

      Unite and contribute, challenge the limits, achieve self, and work happily.
      (1) Without the success of the team, there is no personal success;
      (2) Everything is for the sake of the enterprise, focusing on the interests of the company, focusing on the overall situation, and thinking about everything from the perspective of overall development;
      (3) Willing to contribute to the harmonious development of society and the growth of employees' learning, even if it affects the immediate interests;
      (4) Employees are willing to invest energy and time for the development of the company, even if it is less of their own time;
      (5) The company is more willing to provide development space for the development of employees and grow together with employees;
      (6) Employees are willing to use 101% of their enthusiasm to care for and create value with dedication.

      challenge the limit

      (1) Courage to challenge the limits of the industry and dare to challenge their own limits;
      (2) Concentrate the wisdom of employees, exert the power of the team, and turn the impossible facts into reality.


      (1) Advocating less to say more, doing things rationally, low-key, and pragmatic;
      (2) Enhance its own ability and connotation through practice;
      (3) Realize self with action and create more value with action.

      happy working

      (1) Regarding work as fun, life is enjoyment; depending on work as coercion, life is hard work;
      (2) Happy work is to discover the inner potential, vitality, enthusiasm and creativity; work is not only to get paid, but more importantly to enjoy the work itself.

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